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How We Are Different

What Can We Offer That Other Financial Advisors Do Not?

One way we go above and beyond the typical wealth management firm is by providing a high level of education and producing strategies that span generations. Many of our clients come to us after joining one of the many classes or seminars we host in our community. We believe in teaching the next generation how to manage their assets while also helping retirees and pre-retirees create sound plans for their Golden Years. This educational approach empowers our clients to make sound financial decisions today and in the future.

How is Stephen Ng Financial Group™ Different Than Your Current Brokerage Firm?

Have you ever felt that your commission-based stockbroker was calling to get you to buy or sell a stock mainly to make a commission? Worse, have you ever seen transactions on your statement that you did not authorize? This would not be the case at Stephen Ng Financial Group.

Stephen Ng Financial Group™ offers fee-based* account management through Osaic Wealth, Inc. ; therefore, we have less motivation to make unnecessary trades in your accounts. We are not stockbrokers. We are Investment Advisor Representatives, providing a methodical method of managing investment portfolios.

As independent financial advisors, we are much more objective at giving advice, we have no interest in recommending a particular strategy or fund, and we provide a higher level of care as a boutique firm. We don’t pretend to know everything there is about investment and retirement planning, but instead turn to education, our infrastructure of support, and our holistic team approach in helping our clients grow and preserve their wealth.

Who does Stephen Ng Financial Group™ transact business through?

All securities accounts are offered through Osaic Wealth, Inc. Osaic Wealth, Inc., is also a member of SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) and is a FINRA member firm.

Your check is always made payable to an investment firm, or in the case of insurance, an insurance company. You will never make a check payable to Stephen Ng Financial Group™. We never take custody of your funds and your funds are never co-mingled with ours.

*Fee-based accounts may not be appropriate for all investors, that fees are assessed regardless of portfolio performance, and depending on the trading activity of the investor, that a fee-based account may be more expensive than a traditional commission based account.